Corporate Social Responsibility

Policies & Performance

Gateway is dedicated to protecting and improving the environment in every aspect of our operations. We are committed to providing our customers with sound avenues to responsibly manage Gateway’s branded products that have reached the end of their useful life.

Individual Producer Responsibility

Gateway supports the concept of Individual Producer Responsibility, and is committed to bringing reasonably convenient methods of electronic product recycling to its customers. Gateway believes that it is also the responsibility of governments to enable the development of collection networks and customers to discard their end-of-life products appropriately. This collaborative effort enables Gateway to effectively manage the reuse and recycling of its electronic products.

Gateway is also committed to working with governments during the development of recycling legislation. Gateway supports legislation and performance expectations that are based on the reasonably convenient collaborative methods described above.

Standard for Electronics Distribution

Gateway requires that its recycling programs are operated in a manner that ensures the proper management of end-of-life electronic equipment, components and materials. Gateway encourages its recycling vendors to obtain environmental management systems certifications as well as recycling standard certifications such as Responsible Recycling (R2) or E-Stewards. All of Gateway’s first tier vendors are either currently certified or are in the process of obtaining certification to the R2 Standard. Gateway is also in the process of phasing in additional recyclers that are certified to the E-Stewards standard or to both standards.  Finally, Gateway expects each of its end-of-life management vendors and sub-vendors to adhere to its Standard for Electronics Disposition. A list of Gateway’s recycling partners in the USA is provided in the table below.

Program Type Administrator Recycler
Mail-back Gateway Cinco Electronics Recycling
Best Buy See Best Buy recyclers below
Nationwide Drop-off AERCCR AER Worldwide
Regional Computer Recycling & Recovery (RCR&R)
Waste Management
Best Buy Electronic Recyclers International (ERI)
Regency Technologies
Sims Recycling Solutions
E-World Recyclers CompuCycle
ECS Refining
E-World Recyclers
Good Point Recycling
LifeSpan Technology Recycling
Metech Recycling
Regency Technologies
Vintage Tech Recyclers
Commercial Asset Recovery GEEP GEEP

In 2011, Gateway began a third-party auditing program to provide additional validation of responsible recycling certifications and conformance to Gateway’s Standard for Electronics Disposition. The Gateway program consists of third-party auditing programs managed by both Gateway and Gateway’s recycling program administrators. Gateway plans to expand this program going forward to cover all recycling partners in Gateway’s network.

Data Security

Gateway strongly recommends that you conduct a complete data wipe of your hard drive prior to shipment or delivery of your device for recycling. Although Gateway directs its recycling partners to wipe and/or destroy the data on devices received for recycling, Gateway still recommends that you take precautions to make sure your personal data is erased beforehand. These precautions will also protect your personal data during shipment to the recyclers. Please understand that simply deleting a file does not erase your personal data from your hard drive. Data wiping software that uses more effective methods for data removal can be purchased at most computer retailers or downloaded, often free of charge, from tech-media websites. Information on data wiping and software examples can be found at Please understand that Gateway has not tested or qualified any of this software and therefore cannot attest to the effectiveness of any particular product or of the software generally. Gateway assumes no responsibility for the loss or confidentiality of data received for recycling or from the use of data wiping software..

Programs and Initiatives

Since 2009, Gateway has been a partner of Best Buy’s In-Store recycling program. The program provides a nationwide network of permanent collection sites available to Gateway customers. Best Buy will accept any Gateway branded products returned to their stores and Gateway reimburses Best Buy for the cost of collection, transportation and responsible recycling. To ensure the proper management of used electronics, the Best Buy program utilizes both E-Stewards and R2 certified recyclers. Learn more at the Best Buy Recycling Program website.

Currently, Gateway is piloting the expansion of its voluntary recycling efforts through collaboration with the Consumer Electronics Industry eCycling Leadership Initiative, launched on April 13, 2011. Through the program, which is coordinated by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), Gateway will set voluntary recycling targets and commit to only using 3rd party certified recyclers. In addition, the Initiative will report on the collaborative progress of the participants in the program. The industry’s goal is to recycle a billion pounds of electronics annually by 2016.

Recycling Performance

Recycling is offered for Gateway brands via the Acer America recycling programs. Acer continues to build on its recycling and reuse programs, increasing both the overall performance and the program transparency. Acer began tracking its recycling performance in 2009, and the results are summarized below by calendar year.

Recycling Performance: United States (pounds recycled)

Year Mandatory Programs Voluntary Programs Total
2009 4,047,600 1,110,700 5,158,300
2010 7,799,942 1,530,261 9,330,203
2011 17,746,063 1,878,222 19,624,285
2012 15,818,083 2,620,104 18,438,187

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