Being the slimmest of our monitor series, HX displays fit almost anywhere. Desk, table, shelf—wherever you choose to place your HX, you have more room to complete your tasks. Integrated speakers on select models further open up your space. The HX Series: It just fits.


HX Series displays blend essential technology and a modern look. Boasting a naturally good sightline, each HX is crafted to be sleek and slim—but you also get the technology you need to enjoy entertainment and engage in social communication.


Framed by black bezels with a subtle elegance fitting any décor, the HX Series’ HD screens come in 18.5” and 20” sizes. Screens on FHX models, which deliver Full HD, range from 21.5” to 24”. All feature glare-free matte screens that minimize visual distractions and advance the HX Series’ modern look.


Save energy, the earth and money with the Gateway® HX Series. All HX displays are ENERGY STAR® rated, meaning power consumption will be low. The use of dynamic contrast on these monitors not only improves the onscreen image but further increases your power savings.

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